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Are you looking for Minimalist and Sustainable art at a reasonable price? All handmade by a local seller?

Finding art full of substance is really tough these days. Plenty of copies and drawings are all over the internet, but real artwork that is both minimalist and sustainable, delivered in an eco-friendly package, is rare. CraftyWolfByIulia offers this special kind of artwork while managing to express power through simplicity. Before we dive deep into the art sold by CraftyWolfByIulia, let’s get to know her first.

The Face Behind CraftyWolfByIulia

Iulia Lup
Founder of CraftyWolfByIulia

Her name is Iulia Lup (Lup translated from Romanian to English means Wolf), she is 26 years old, an up-and-coming architect by day that graduated from Manchester University. She lived in Manchester UK for seven years but has not moved to Barcelona, Spain.

In March 2020 she started selling on Etsy. Her artwork is simple, maybe too simple for some. Minimalistic fine line drawings are her specialty, displaying different Yoga poses with a simple message. After going through a dark period herself, trying to figure out her life and future, she started doing yoga and drawing. Finally, she ended up expressing her feelings and powerful messages through the simplicity of her prints.

You can get to know her better through her Youtube channel, Instagram, Pinterest, or Etsy Shop.

The Etsy Shop Story

In less than a year her shop became one of the most popular Etsy shops in her niche, with over 1250 sales, shipping her recycled parcels all over the globe. Etsy recommends her shop as one of the top ones for gifts, while also featuring it on their official channels. Pinterest also features most of her popular art prints on their page.

Key info:

The values are clear: Minimalistic, Sustainable, Hygge.

The motto: Power through sustainable simplicity.

Products: Minimalistic, Eco-friendly Prints.

Services: Custom Artwork, Logos, Designs.

Good to know: All paper used for printing is recycled. All packaging materials are also recycled and eco-friendly. All prints are printed with a top-of-the-range professional printer.

Special: Greeting cards are printed on recycled paper with flower seeds. Instead of throwing them away you just plant them and flowers will grow. The artwork really gives life. – New website, better prices


Recently, Iulia has launched her own website called, where she now sells the same prints and art at better prices. By selling her artwork through her own website there are no service fees, resulting in the clients paying less for the same items.

This is not your typical e-commerce website. This is “our little corner of the world” as the main page says. It is a story condensed with outstanding artwork, great designs within a beautiful and cozy space. Unlike most online shops nowadays, there is no spamming to track you, subscribe to different things, or anything like that. Nope, here you just enter the website and browse the one-of-a-kind artwork. More or less like a virtual gallery where you can buy what you like within seconds.

The technology behind the website is following the values and is keeping it simple. The website is built using Shopify, using a free theme, rearranged, and designed by Iulia. There are a few plugins used for order shipping fulfillment and that’s it.

Self-Love by CraftyWolfByIulia

The new collection consisting of six art pieces is named ‘Self-Love’ is a collection that walks you through a reflective and intimate journey of rediscovery and acceptance. It encourages us to accept and embrace change, to have patience, and be kind to ourselves.

Self-Love – New Collection by CraftyWolfByIulia

These days every person can copy an image off Pinterest, Etsy, or Instagram and start selling it online as their own work or even call it art. Finding local artists, sellers, that are willing to give up their time to bring authenticity and unique, fresh perspectives into our daily mundane lives is rare. We should treasure it and support them as much as we can. Buying from them directly allows them to create more. If you cannot do that for now, then you can at least follow/share their work on social media.

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